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A lot is possible in this 30,000 m2 circular playground; as long as it contributes to a sustainable and healthy world.

It is not without reason that the GreenField is listed as best practice among the Circular icon projects of Nederland Circulair (The Netherlands Circular). .
This unique green zone behind our factory in Emmen has grown into the ultimate knowledge garden.

The GreenField is a place where you can see, feel, smell and taste what we care about: sustainability, reuse, waste reduction and recycling. Respect for the planet, people and nature. This is the place where we think big and start small. Where we experiment with forgotten raw materials and get creative with waste. Where we make bees, butterflies, birds and flowers happy and grow healthy food. This is where we learn a great deal and where we as well as our visitors are continually amazed by the power of nature.

“In our Greenfield, the ingredients for new ideas
on sustainable materials and circular furniture designs grow”.

GreenField is a fully circular playground where we experiment to our heart’s content together with educational and knowledge institutions. For example, to explore new natural raw materials that we can use for our furniture.

Chairs made of hemp, table tops with ‘GreenField-top’, flax as a basis for pressed tops – these are just a few examples that are already in production, or for which we have already made actual prototypes.

Waste is not waste: it is an opportunity to create new things. You can see some examples of this in the GreenField. Werk Pro, an employment service company, made a handy bridge out of waste steel and wood. Wooden pallets were filled with all kinds of lost and found objects and voilà: an insect hotel. Our partner, gardener Snoek Puur Groen installed unique garden fencing in neighbouring gardens, made from waste steel from our factory. Circularity everywhere!

We want to contribute to biodiversity with the GreenField. In other words, the versatility of life: the species that exist and the different roles they play. Biodiversity is invaluable and says a lot about the health of our planet. On a small scale, everyone can help to promote biodiversity.

For example, we have sown field flowers on the outer edges of the GreenField as part of the ‘Flowery fields’ project of the Dutch agricultural nature association ANV Drenthe. The aim of this project is to increase and improve the habitat for bees and butterflies.

GreenField for kids

Together with IVN (Institute for Nature Education) we have set up a sustainable educational programme: the GreenField Academy. In this programme, we take visitors through a process in which we pursue a higher goal: sustainability in the broad sense! By creating awareness and carrying out assignments, we encourage people to act sustainably in their everyday lives. In other words, we create new insights together that we can apply immediately. Whether it is about the use of raw materials, the reuse of residual materials, environmental impact, biodiversity or social initiatives. In the GreenField, you can see, feel, smell and taste sustainability, reuse, waste reduction and recycling! It is one of our initiatives in our transition to a circularly inclusive business model.

“Learning how healthy green is,
discovering the value of nature and
experiencing what circular means exactly in nature.


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