All our products are made in the Netherlands and Telford. We create employment, are very flexible and respond quickly. Our customers like to visit us and see first-hand how their products are being made under the best possible labour conditions and with the highest quality standards..

The people of Vepa

We cannot do without the people who operate our machines and manufacture and assemble the products. The people at Vepa are characterised by cooperation and a proactive attitude. It is therefore only logical that they also share in the profits.

Wood panel processing department

“Wood is the basis for most of the Vepa products. The central point of our factory is the Panel department. Every desk and every cabinet originates from here: here panels are sawn and equipped with dowels, edgebanding and so on. Usually in large series but, since Vepa also creates a lot of custom pieces, also in smaller quantities. Machines can do a lot, but in this department it is the human element that is the most important. When things go wrong here, a desk or cabinet cannot be delivered to a client. So it is the quality that counts”.

Peter Kuiper
since 1994


“We make everything ourselves. From the finest details, here in our tool shop we work on furniture parts that last forever.

We could even recreate furniture from the very beginning of our company with the old moulds we still have.

My challenge is to contribute my knowledge in a meticulous way in order to create these pieces of furniture. Innovative technology and development, that’s what I do best!”

Heye Ottevanger
since 2018

Woodworking department

“The real custom work, that is what I like. Custom pieces and interior construction often end up with me. It can be a tight fit, but we always make it work. And when it cannot be done by machine? We do it by hand”.

Gezienus Bruins
since 1994

Working Together



In an increasingly automated and mechanised world where everything is rationalised from behind the laptop, we believe the human dimension remains crucial. Communication and collaboration are key to get to the best results, we have to take our thoughts and each other into consideration, speak to and see each other. It might seem simple, but it’s every company’s ultimate challenge.

We hope to inspire you!

Sheet metal shop

“With our high-tech production and extensive machinery we make 100% sustainable quality furniture.

That is really something to be proud of. From simple steel coils to a fantastic and sustainable finished product that can also be reused infinitely.

I am really very proud to be able to contribute to this.”

Brian Venema
since 2019

Metal spray department

“One cannot argue about taste. Thanks to our fully automated epoxy line we can paint anything and everything. In all colours of the rainbow. We recycle all of the paint thanks to the special exhaust system. Beneficial for the environment, but also for our own health”.

Jan van der Sleen
since 1994

Metal processing department

“Being a welder at Vepa means we constantly monitor quality. Larger numbers are done by the welding robots, but the more delicate work is still done manually: old-school craftsmanship with attention to detail. Vepa stands for quality and that should also make the difference in the welding. That is what we excel at”.

Harry Boersma
since 1980

Come and visit us!

We are often told that more people should visit our factory. That is why we regularly organise a Factory Tour. This tour can be combined with a completely arranged meeting in one of our inspirational meeting areas.

Wood spray department

“Painting or staining, colour or natural; everything is eco-friendly these days. The variety of colours in our wood spray department is almost infinite. But our main focus is on the quality. Everything is sprayed manually. One coat of stain or paint is not enough here. After the first coat, the shell, back or seat is sanded by hand and a second coat is applied. Every product is then put in the drying chamber to cure at a temperature of 30°C. We take our time to deliver quality”.

Gerrit Schipper
since 1988

Upholstery department

“We’re not sitting on the fence. We decide quickly and go for it. Even if it means we have to add 2138 buttons, it’s our pleasure!”

Agnes Popma
Since 2016

Vepa makes

Vepa is one of the top furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Ierland. All our products are made in our own factories by the best people and the most modern machinery. And proud of it!

In addition to a wide range of products this allows us to provide client-specific interpretations to target groups and individual clients. Despite our state-of-the-art machinery, we cannot do this without the people who operate these machines and assemble the products.




Chair assembly department

“Nearly every chair comes through here. And that’s a lot! Chair assembly is where all the components of a chair come together: the frame, the seat, back or shell. We also provide further finishing such as stacking caps, felt gliders, wheels and end caps. Our work is more than the assembly and packing of all chairs, we are also responsible for the quality check”.

Anne van Dijk
Since 1994

Desk assembly department

“Desk assembly is the final station before a desk or table is loaded into the truck. The Panel department supplies the tops, the epoxy lane provides the base and we make it whole. Desks are equipped with the proper mechanics. Precise work that is tested immediately. That is why everything is delivered fully assembled. Only when we know everything is fully functional, it is send to the Shipping department”.

Elmar Mertens
Since 2001

Shipping department

“Every delivery is a challenge and we always try to meet the client’s expectations. When necessary, we even deliver during the weekend. And should everything be delivered to the sixth floor by hoist? That is also a challenge we gladly accept. Almost all of our products are wrapped in protective blankets made from old clothing. We take these blankets back with us and they are reused every day. Quite eco-friendly”.

Eddie Zwartscholten
Since 1988

Take a look at an impression of our factory!

Where’s what?


Metal processing department

Wood spray department

Wood panel processing department


Upholstery department

Assembly department

Metal spray department


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