Furniture management

Too many chairs in department A, that can be used in department B?

Sooner or later every company will decide that it is time for a new design. The organisation grows, furniture is worn or the colour palette is hopelessly outdated. But, how many meeting tables are there? And what brands of chairs are there in the organisation? And how worn or broken is the furniture?

In a linear economy we usually discard products after use and buy something new. In a circular economy we take a different path. We take a look at what components we can reuse or recycle and how we should handle it. With this in mind Vepa developed the inventory app.


The inventory app provides a detailed overview of the furniture that is present within the entire organisation. The reports state exactly which pieces of furniture are present at which branch, on which floor, in which room.

It describes the type of furniture, the manufacturer of the furniture, the status of the product (from ‘as good as new’ to ‘not usable’ or from ‘in use’ to ‘new and available’), the brand name of the furniture, the amounts and dimensions and there is an option to add photo’s and notes.

Circular design plan

We make a circular design based on the inventory app.

Our goal is to reuse as much furniture as possible. Sometimes all it takes is making a small adjustment to existing furniture to create suitable furniture for a new work environment.

We have fitted desks with a new top or an acoustic wall panel for example. Existing chair frames are repainted or fitted with a new seat and we replace the upholstery of worn cushions. The beauty of it is that we are brand-independent. We also take possible loss during the revitalisation into account.

Do you prefer new? Then we opt for renewable or recycled raw materials. In this way we always design your (office) building as circularly as possible.

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