At Vepa, we minimize transport as much as possible

Transport and protection

Using local resources and producing close to the market prevents unnecessary transport. Outsourcing to low-wage countries is often cheap, but for us – unlike some other manufacturers – that is certainly outweighed by the CO2 emissions that transport to the Netherlands (and our region) would generate.

Almost all products are protected during transport by blankets. These blankets are made from texile waste, for example our residual material from our upholstery department. After delivery of the products we return these blankets with us and they are reused every day. Quite eco-friendly

EcoCombi trucks

Our own Fair Furniture transport company has a number of EcoCombi trucks. Regular vehicle combinations are not allowed to be longer than 18.6 metres, an EcoCombi truck can be 25.25 metres.

Since we can transport more products in a single truck, it generates efficiency benefits. Which is obviously better for the environment. We have trucks that meet the Euro 6 standard, the strictest emission standard at European level. Furthermore, all trucks are equipped with a particulate filter and quiet tires.