Vepa 1951 to date

Vepa has evolved into one of the most versatile manufacturers of office and project furniture in the Netherlands.

We have been manufacturing furniture in our factories in Hoogeveen and Emmen (the Netherlands) since 1951.
Vepa arose from two companies in Drenthe: Drentea and Vepa.

In 1971, Vepa began manufacturing chairs, tables and educational and laboratory furniture. In 1990, the production of office furniture was started and this proved to be a successful move. Since then the range has expanded considerably to include all kinds of furniture for the office, project and care sectors.

In 1951, Drentea started out by producing lighting fixtures. At this time the company was still called Betiham. In the same year, the company moved from Hilversum to Emmen, where in 1957 Drentea Staalbuis was founded. Since 1966 the business activities of Drentea have focused on the manufacturing of steel office furniture, library shelving and steel wall units.

We started small . . .

We started small. We are furniture makers in heart and soul. But manufacturing with wood and steel, we won our spot in the office furniture market.

We create possibilities!

Vepa is growing

In the meantime we have grown enormously. The total surface area of the factory has grown to 60,000 m2. What’s special about our furniture is that it is still completely manufactured in the Netherlands. We are proud of that, precisely because this is becoming more and more unique. The relations that visit Vepa are pleasantly surprised by the diversity of production methods and the scale on which we do that.

We create possibilities!

Moving on together

In 2020, Vepa and Drentea decided to continue working together. Knowledge is  shared and expertise bundled.

Full of confidence, we take a leap towards a great joint future. Doing business together, offering one total collection. Combining knowledge and expertise and helping each other out. Strengthening our passion for sustainability. One strong brand, so that no one can ignore Vepa anymore.

Back in the day at Vepa – 1978

Working with a pipe in your mouth. Back then that was still possible.

The expansion of our location in Hoogeveen 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000