Raw materials

Wood is our main raw material.

We use a variety of raw materials when we manufacture office furniture, such as wood, steel, textile and plastic.

We always prefer to choose wood over steel. Advantages of wood against raw materials such as steel and plastic are the local accessibility of wood and the relatively low amount of energy it costs to make this raw material into wooden parts for our products.


The wood we use for the manufacturing of our furniture is harvested locally and sustainably.

We work exclusively with FSC® (C028807) and PEFC (PEFC/30-31-043) certified wood. With a relatively low amount of energy this resource is processed into solid wooden parts, MDF or chipboard panels. Chipboard is mostly made from waste wood.

Wood can be easily revitalised, it is completely recyclable and at the end of the various cycles it is also suitable as a sustainable fuel for certified green energy.


We make conscious choices when it comes to our fabric range. Not just with regard to the quality, but also with respect to sustainability.

That is why all our standard fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and/or provided with the European Ecolabel; standards that demonstrate the sustainability of a product.

Our residual material is reused.


Steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon. The production of steel requires a lot of energy.

Steel is completely recyclable, but for the production of new steel you always need a part of pig iron.

Since “new” steel can contain no more than 30% recycled steel.


There are various types of plastics of which PET, PVC, PE and PP are probably the most well known.

For the production of our furniture we only use recycled plastics.

The end caps of our top supports are made of recycled PP, the Felt and Plastic Whale by Vepa collection of recycled PET and the Wybelt of all kinds of recycled plastics.

Hemp and bio-resin

We have repeatedly expressed our ambition to make nothing but sustainable circular furniture in the future and a 100% biological chair fits in perfectly with this vision.

Using the beautiful, natural material hemp and Plantics bio-resin, this turned out to be possible, resulting in Hemp Fine and Hemp High

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