Recycling of textile

Re-using textile waste in it’s entirety.

Sustainable Solutions by Vepa

Vepa is firmly en route to a waste-free factory. In the series “Sustainable Solutions by Vepa” we demonstrate how we innovate, think and above all act sustainably.

All furniture is upholstered in the most efficient way in our upholstery department. A CNC cutting machine calculates the most optimal way of cutting. Residual material is collected, processed and subsequently used as filling for our high-end acoustic walls. This way nothing ends up in the trash bin!

This video explains this in detail.

Not all is used

The large rolls of fabric are hung in a special CNC cutting machine that unwinds the fabric to the correct length and creates a vacuum. This eases the cutting and ensures that the material cannot shift.

 After this, the most efficient way of cutting is calculated, with the aim to have as little residual material as possible.

Production without residual material is impossible, but all of our residual material is collected and recycled.

From residual material to fibre

The remaining textile is cut into pieces and unravelled until there are only fibres left. These fibres are processed into a type of felt.

 This felt is layered and then heated and pressed into mats.

These mats are called Refelt and used as acoustic cushioning material for new products, for example in our InBetween acoustic walls.

Re-felt: acoustic wall filling

Our Re-felt mats have excellent sound absorbing qualities (click here to view the acoustic report). Better than conventional and less sustainable solutions. That is why we use this in all our acoustic walls. New products made from residual material, that is what we like to see! And the beauty of it all: after use we make new Re-felt mats from the old ones. That way, nothing is ever wasted.


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