Research Lab

Our Research Lab is part of the Fair Furniture Group.

Together with educational institutions, companies and the government we research the possibilities to reuse residual materials and we develop new products and services from a circular point of view.The goal of our Research Lab is to reuse all waste streams and extract new raw materials from waste. These raw materials can then be used for new furniture. We work together with the Circular Centre in Hoogeveen.


Research into the processing and development of new circular initiatives is one of the main pillars of the Fair Furniture Group.

That is why we look at the main flows of raw materials with our clients and in our own factories.

Various chains are already closed, such as the processing of our steel waste into new products for the Plastic Whale by Vepa collection.

Positive developments with a beautiful and sustainable product as a result.


Circular design requires a different way of thinking.

A new interior does not have to be made of new items only. Existing furniture is often fine after a small adjustment or maintenance.

We provide brand-independent advice and have already completed successful consultancy projects at KLM, the Volksbank, NN and the Alfa-college, among others.


We carry out circular projects from our Circular Centre.

Here, new designs for existing furniture are tested, broken parts are replaced and discarded items are disassembled.

For each project, we will of course look at the possibility of carrying out work on location so that we do not have to drive back and forth unnecessarily.


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