We consider and respect people, nature and society in everything we do.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not something we just do on the side. It is the way we work. Every day we give all we’ve got for our customers.
We cannot separate our beautiful company from what is happening around us. We can mean something to others with what we do, and with the knowledge and people we have.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are sometimes used as synonyms. Although there is a lot of overlap between the two concepts, we believe that CSR deserves special attention. We define CSR as: ‘the integral vision on entrepreneurship, in which we create value in economic (profit), ecological (planet) and social (people) areas.’
CSR is part of all business processes. In every decision, a balance is made between different interests: the interests of the individuals, companies and organisations involved.

“At Vepa, corporate social responsibility is working towards a new economy with consideration for the climate, circular, inclusive and with fair chains.”

Our people 

A large part of the success and continuity of Vepa can be attributed to our employees.

We attach great importance to standards and values. Treating people both inside and outside the organisation with respect. One of the conditions for this success is a stimulating work environment. Vepa therefore offers its employees every opportunity to learn and grow. There is very little turnover and remarkably low absenteeism.

We invest in educations, a healthy work environment and proper rewards, such as an annual share of the profit.

Healthy and fresh for the Food Bank

We have transformed part of our ‘circular knowledge garden’ GreenField into a huge ecological vegetable garden for and with the Voedselbank Zuidoost-Drenthe (Food Bank South-East Drenthe). Volunteers from Stichting Voedseltuin Emmen work the soil, tackle weeds and fertilise the garden in an environmentally friendly way. Clients of the Food Bank help with the cultivation and harvesting of the crops, which eventually end up on their own plates. Everything is super healthy, pure and local. Many families in our area enjoy beans, potatoes, cauliflower and much more every week.

Our planet

Vepa’s entire production process takes place in its own factories in the Netherlands using the most sustainable raw materials available. The production process and the products comply with Dutch Health & safety and environmental legislation and of course Vepa is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Since our products are manufactured close to the market, we use little fuel to deliver the products to the end user.

The principles for determining the sustainability policy go beyond the guideline ISO 26000 Social Responsibility.  Our standard for production and transport of all products, raw materials and services must at least comply with Western European laws and regulations at all times.

Sustainable energy 

A number of years ago we had our footprint calculated. It turned out to be so low that we do not need to compensate CO2. Nevertheless, we provide an additional contribution to halt climate change.

The roof of our factory is filled with solar panels and the energy we buy is green, of course. Heat recovery systems have also been installed, we have fully electric cars and energy-efficient lighting has been installed throughout the building.

Ethical business

We produce under excellent working conditions and use local suppliers. We guarantee not to have any contact with organisations that are less respectful of Human Rights. We discuss fair and decent business practices and compliance with laws and regulations with our suppliers. We only work with companies that, like us, have strict criteria when it comes to ecological and social responsibility. We source our raw materials mainly in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia and Austria. This makes the raw materials cycle easy for us to control.

Working capital

Vepa is a stable partner with a very solid financial basis. The five involved families of shareholders accord greater importance to continuity than to personal financial gain, with stable turnover growth and healthy and sustainable margins as our goal.

Our people are our most important asset. Vepa has a good working atmosphere, we are no-nonsense and practical and proud of what we are achieving together. Not just proud of the products but also of the annual growth in revenue and profit.


Working on a ‘human scale’ means that we make
a very specific commitment to healthy and happy people in a healthy society.




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