Vepa is always looking for new colleagues. Do you think you have what our company needs? Then send an e-mail with your motivation and CV to: with subject ‘Open application’.

Change as a basis

Vepa the furniture factory achieves growth through continuous change. If someone in the company finds a way to make work more fun and easier, there is a good chance that people will start working that way. Director Janwillem de Kam:

“Anyone in the organisation, and we really mean anyone, can make changes if they invent a better way of working. Above all, Vepa is a dynamic company. Every time you feel

you have mastered things, we introduce a new collaboration, a new product, we make something special for one customer; we never stand still. People want to enjoy their work and grow as a person. That is why everyone can follow plenty of training courses and studies that take you further. We rely on logical thinking: common sense, taking initiative and not having to be directed. We are therefore not looking for people with a wait and see mentality but people who take the bull by the horns; Vepa is as flat as it gets.”

Not a standard company

Vepa is part of the Fair Furniture Group with a total of 450 employees spread over four production sites in Hoogeveen, Emmen, Wijchen and Breda. Production is entirely in-house and the management’s vision and approach is down-to-earth and headstrong. That means innovating and investing where possible. The people at Vepa are characterised by cooperating and thinking along in a practical way. For instance, they help decide on the purchase of new CNC machines, help with installation and eventually repair them themselves. So a lot is expected of the production workers. And they like that, because they know they are listened to. Janwillem de Kam, director of Vepa: “Our employees have a great sense of responsibility and show a lot of initiative: the basis for good cooperation and efficient production. We do it together.”

No standard people

Finding committed and well-qualified employees has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Janwillem de Kam, director of Vepa: “There are plenty of people who want to work for us, but people with the right knowledge and motivation are almost impossible to find. Proper knowledge of CNC machines, upholstering complicated chairs, devising and drawing technical constructions and exports that require a different market approach and logistics. These are just a few pain points. Vepa has become big by staying innovative and it is precisely this flexibility that is our success factor. Our only goal is to get a little better every year. But that is only possible with the right people, with the right knowledge and attitude.”