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Signature Collection

High-end office furniture made from Amsterdam canal plastic

In 2018 we have launched the Signature Collection.
The collection features a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic panels.

The start

When Plastic Whale founder Marius Smit was on a journey around the world, his eyes were opened. Bali’s beautiful beach was littered with plastic waste.

From that moment on he saw the problem everywhere, including in his own backyard: the Amsterdam canals. High time to do something about it. And he succeeded. A total of 13 boats has been built from the plastic from the Amsterdam canals. These boats are used to fish for new plastic.

As the Plastic Whale team grew, the lunch table seemed to get smaller. However, buying a new table did not feel sustainable. “Surely, if we can make boats out of PET foam, we can also make a new table out of it?” Marius wondered. Soon the idea for a table grew into a circular range of furniture.

Circular design 

Amsterdam design agency LAMA concept is responsible for the design side of the collection, for which circularity is key and the whale has served as a source of inspiration.

Plastic soup is a huge threat for this incredible mammal, and so the characteristic elements of the whale are translated into the designs. Think, for example, of the look and feel of its skin, the adipose tissue and the impressive skeleton.


Sustainable production

When the first designs were ready, Vepa continued with the technical development and the first prototypes. After several tests the production of the first Plastic Whale by Vepa products became a reality.

All of these products are made in-house, in our own factories in the Netherlands.

Curious? Make an appointment for a factory tour. Then you can see where we make our furniture.

Turning waste into value

The bottles we fish from the canals are washed and shredded. Granules and fibres are then made from these shreds. Granules are the basis of the PET foam, fibres are the main raw material for PET felt. Both materials are important for this collection. But not just the waste of others, we also incorporate our own waste in the products.


Plastic Whale by Vepa 

Signature Collection

Whale Boardroom Table

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Whale Tail Chair

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Barnacle Lamp

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Whale panel

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Barnacle side table

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Join the mission

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management was our first launching partner. The table was presented to State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven during the week of sustainability. In total there are 15 launching partners. Not only do these organisations have unique, state-of-the-art circular office furniture, they also support the Plastic Whale Foundation. Part of the proceeds of the furniture was made directly available to the foundation.

The following organisations are launching partner of Plastic Whale by Vepa:
a fair furniture company