Working together

Special collaborations with sustainable organisations.

We want to produce as sustainable as possible and close our production chains.
This means that we use raw materials as efficiently as possible, produce as little waste as possible and try to reuse furniture and materials in the most optimal way.

We do not do this on our own, we involve raw material suppliers, companies, architects, consultancy firms, governments and educational institutions as much as possible in our sustainable ideas and solutions.
Together we stand strong!

On these pages you can read more about our collaborations with INSIDE/INSIDE, Plastic Whale, Renewi and Zooi.


We work with local companies and authorities. Our raw materials come from Dutch companies as much as possible. When that is not an option, we choose suppliers from Western Europe. Our production locations are close to the market. This doesn’t just save time, it also helps the environment.

A collaboration of which we are proud is with our supplier BNP Brinkmann.

BNP Brinkmann processes our textile waste into new acoustic felt mats which we use as filling for our partition walls. You can read more about this on this page.

Raw material suppliers

Our supply chain is completely transparent and the standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) are a given for us and our suppliers. When we choose our suppliers we look at both the commercial and moral side of an organisation. When entering into relations these aspects should coincide with our own values, such as:

  • compliance with laws and regulations in the country concerned;
  • rewarding employees in a sufficient manner and providing a safe and healthy work environment;
  • compliance with the ISO 26000 guideline;
  • compliance with the fundamental ILO treaties;
  • respect for the individual orientation, physical characteristics and/or religious beliefs of employees;
  • taking adequate measures to protect the environment as much as possible.


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