Circular furnishing

Circular furnishing in practice with Royal HaskoningDHV

Sustainable Solutions by Vepa

In the series “Sustainable Solutions by Vepa” we demonstrate how we innovate, think and above all act sustainably. We also invent solutions for the redundant, broken or discarded furniture of organisations. That is how we make sure that nothing goes to waste.

This video shows our circular interior at Royal HaskoningDHV.


More than 1000 people work at Royal HaskoningDHV in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. 1000 people, all of them with their own desk, cabinet and desk chair. Office environments change and the current furniture no longer meets today’s standards. The desks aren’t worn technically, but the tripod corner desks are just too big for the work that is being done. Since the rest of the interior is also dated, it’s time for an update. A new interior, but as circular and sustainable as possible. That is why we teamed up to see how we could take the existing materials and parts and create a new work environment.

Working together

Realising a circular interior often happens in collaboration with others, this project was no different. Together with all our partners, we mapped all demands and wishes.

 Vepa focuses on the technical development and production and together with the architect and designers we create a beautiful environment to work in.

In our revitalisation centre we think of smart an practical solutions for return flows.

The revitalisation centre is also the place where tests are conducted to see if the technical designs can actually be implemented.

As in this case with the revitalisation of the old desks of Royal HaskoningDHV.

For the workstations we have created new desk tops, partition walls and frames. The most valuable parts, such as the legs and adjustment technique have been reused.

The combination of new and existing parts takes place on the work floor at Royal HaskoningDHV.

We refuse to drive back and forth unnecessarily when the work can be done on site.

From a depreciated desk to a pleasant environment to work in

Of course the new workstations are made with a minimum of new materials.
This circular design concept could only be realised through intensive cooperation between the various chain partners.

Old situation

New situation