Plastic fishing, bicycle racing and Smart Industry. If we believe in something, we go for it!


Vepa is official supplier of the ambitious WorldTour cycling team Team DSM.
We also have our own Vepa boat to fish plastic waste out of the Amsterdam canals.
In addition, part of our GreenField is available for the foundation ‘Voedseltuin Emmen’, but that is not all.

Official supplier Team DSM

With fantastic victories in the past Tour de France, the classics and top results in the Giro d’Italia, Team DSM has become one of the trendsetters of the cycling world.

We are therefore proud to be the official supplier of Team DSM.


Better together

We at Vepa consider it a challenge to continuously improve, just like Team DSM. We believe that we have plenty of reasons to get together and strengthen each other.

With Vepa as an ambitious official supplier, Team DSM is guaranteed to have a unique and sustainably designed head office and Experience Center. In addition, we have also furnished the Keep Challenging Center in Sittard. A unique working and living environment for the development talents of Team DSM.

Sponsorship Plastic Whale

We sponsor organisations that fit our organisation.

This can be in the form of an annual contribution, but also by providing new furniture.

For example, we have been sponsoring a boat owned by Plastic Whale since 2018. We regularly go plastic fishing to clean up the Amsterdam canals.

Foundation Voedseltuin Emmen

The Food Bank Zuidoost-Drenthe receives vegetables, fruit and potatoes from the Foundation who maintain a vegetable garden in part of our GreenField.

The volunteers of this foundation cultivate the soil, control weeds and fertilise the garden in an environmentally friendly way.

Everything is super healthy and pure, from the soil of Drenthe. Many families in our area enjoy beans, potatoes, lettuce and much more every week.


Sponsoring Sitness

Sitness offers an online platform to wheelchair basketball players. But the most brilliant thing is that these sportsmen and women will help the entire sitting population of the Netherlands to sit better and to stay healthy and vital during the working day. Because who better to help you with healthy sitting than someone who has to sit for the rest of his or her life?

That is why we support Sitness in the organisation of the annual ‘Zitloze Werkdag’  (´No-Sit Workday´).  This event is for HR managers, vitality employees and anyone who is working on or interested in vitality in his or her organization.

This vitality event will take place this year on 14 June at top sports center Papendal.

We are in, are you?

Sponsorship de Vergaderfabriek

De Vergaderfabriek is the first commercially 3D printed building in Europe.

The Vergaderfabriek (Meeting Factory) is a co-creation of various industries where Vepa supplied the furniture.

The circular form, the use of sustainable materials and the technology on the inside of the building are unique. For this reason traditional building was not an option