Beautiful things made from waste material

At Vepa, we prevent a lot of waste thanks to clever product development, but we are not completely free from waste (yet). Following circular initiatives such as our Moi and Units benches with a core made from saw waste and our Felt chairs made from recycled PET bottles, we also have a new destination for our residual material: Zooi.

Made in Holland
Zooi is a new and 100% Dutch brand that makes home accessories from residual material. Now, the residual material from our factory is used by Zooi to make unique products.

Circular products
“Pretty things made from waste, that’s what makes me happy” says Susan Kokke from Zooi. “This material is the perfect basis for small, timeless home accessories. There are plenty of pretty home accessories out there, but I rarely find circular products. And when I do find them, they are just not that attractive. That’s about to change”.

Creating value
Wooden leftovers, sawing waste and residual fabrics from our factory are recycled as much as possible. Upcycling (reusing materials by making something more valuable from them) was not done until now. That is about to change. “We thought designing from residual materials would be a nice challenge for designers” continues Susan. “Together with designer Floris Hovers we went out scouting for useable residual materials. Eye-catching items with a story to tell: that is what this is all about. A story that shows your awareness of the finite nature of our planet”. The new accessories made from our old waste can be found on the Dutch Design Week where the brand is being launched in the next days. For more info, check