First Plastic Whale table taken into use by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Special moment for Plastic Whale Circular Furniture by Vepa

It’s sustainability week this week and we have just delivered our first Plastic Whale Circular Furniture. One of the boardroom tables has been placed at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management where State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven, in the presence of Vepa director Janwillem de Kam and Marius Smit of Plastic whale, took the table into use.

Only a year ago Vepa and Plastic Whale first met. For some years now, Plastic Whale has been fishing the Amsterdam Canals for plastic, used to build new design boats. When their lunch table became too small, they looked for a partner who could make a new table from the recycled PET bottles. Vepa. With the development of our Felt chair, we had recently gained experience with PET material. Not only that, we also have our own production locations in the Netherlands. With the motto ‘Stop talking. Let’s start doing!’ the collaboration was a fact within weeks: Plastic Whale Circular Furniture by Vepa.

Circular furniture range
The circular furniture range consists of a boardroom table, matching chairs, lighting and acoustic wall panels. A significant amount of PET bottles have been processed in the furniture. One boardroom table consists of more than 1000 recycled PET bottles. These PET bottles are processed into felt and foam so that they can be reused. But that is not all, we also use our own steel waste in the furniture. Residual material is collected, pressed into large blocks and melted into a cast iron base for the chair. Circularity at its finest!

Launching partner
We’re proud of the fact that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is one of our launching partners. The production of the furniture and the deliveries to the other launching partners is in full swing. More on this later.