Hybrid working

Working from home and in the office

For over two years, we had to work at home as much as possible. Fortunately, we have now reached a tipping point and have gone from an urgent appeal to work from home to combat the coronavirus to having to choose whether to work from home or at the office. Hybrid working works. We have all learned that working from home is just as productive – and perhaps even more productive – as working at an office. In fact, a lot of people now want to continue to work part-time from home.

Working from home and at the office
How to create a good hybrid working environment? A new way of working creates a need for new work environments. Furnishing focused on task-related work and finding the perfect balance between working from home and at the office. And using which items? We selected a few for you.

The following items fit well in a hybrid working environment, such as Patchwork, HomeFit©, Moi and our Felt collection.

Versatile collection

The following videos show the versatility of our products. Whether you like Hotel Chic, Scandinavian design or organic influences, our products adapt to their surroundings.

Hotel chique

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Scandinavian feeling

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Organic industry

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