New building in Emmen completed

Delivery times down, Circular Centre expanded

The new building at our production site in Emmen is ready. In recent months, 11,000 m2 and 130,000 m3 has been added, creating both additional production space and new accommodations for the Fair Furniture Group’s Circular Centre.

Not only have we added extra square metres for production, we have also invested a great deal in machinery. As a result of this expansion, Vepa’s entire metal department is now centralised in Emmen; one result of these developments is that our delivery times have been reduced.

Circular Centre
With the expansion and relocation of Fair Furniture Group’s Circular Centre we are able to step up our role as a circular service provider. We use the additional space for lifespan extension of (brand-independent) existing furniture. This can involve both maintaining or repairing existing furniture, as well as refurbishing furniture that no longer meets the customer’s current requirements. We also have more space to store existing furniture sourced from the market for use in our circular contracts. The expanded storage enables us to respond even faster to our clients’ demands.

New building in Hoogeveen
We will be in building dust for some time to come. After Emmen, we have now also started work on a massive expansion of our panel department in Hoogeveen. Work has already started and we hope to finish construction by the end of 2023. More on this will be published soon.

Want to know more about the new construction in Emmen? Check here for a timelapse.
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