New Vepa-app for all our brochures

After a long process of development, we introduce a new app.
In this app you will find (the latest) brochures, product sheets, colour charts, projects, certificates, technical information, internal documents, price lists (only with login code) and more to come. All the information you need nicely arranged in one place.

There is no need to visit the App Store to download the app; simply type into your browser and press enter. By creating an application shortcut on the home screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer the app can be opened even quicker.

What makes the new Vepa-app special?
It’s unique features and availability on every device!

The app is largely an in-house development. We chose to make a web-based app. The big advantage of a web-based app is that we no longer have to rely on third parties. The Vepa-app can be viewed on:

  • web (all browsers)
  • Apple iOS (all versions)
  • Android (all versions)

Useful features include:

  • previously viewed documents can also be viewed offline
  • filters have been added to quickly find the right documents
  • documents can be saved to your favourites
  • share documents via email or WhatsApp message
  • request a login to access and view price lists