1.5 meters of distance in the office

It’s not yet certain when exactly the rules concerning ‘social distancing’ will be relaxed.

What is clear, however, is that for the coming few weeks, we should keep in mind to keep a distance of one and a half meters. (Different guidelines may apply to your country. Be sure to check the website of your national health service for specific guidelines.) That’s why it’s better prepare for it!

How will we manage everything while keeping the advised one and a half meters of distance in mind when we get back to the office in a few weeks? Employers can rearrange their offices and workplaces and instruct staff on how to work differently. As Vepa we are happy to help with that. With information, tips and practical tools.

We will all have to adapt our behavior to the measures, and that can be quite a challenge. We can help clear things up by giving instructions to every user.

With iotspot, Vepa can support you and your employees to keep the necessary distance of one and a half meters in the office. By using marking and signaling every user will know what to expect.

Distance between employees

Social distance of 1.5 metres at a minimum

Reduce desk capacity in the office building to ensure social distance of 1.5 metres. This can easily be done with iotspot. 30%, 40%, or 50% capacity? You decide.

In the example on the right 50% is blocked. Capacity can be changed every day and keeps you as an employer in control. Even when the measures from the government change.

1.5 metres

Office space

All desks need to be equipped with a special iotspot NFC sticker to digitise your office. Configuration is done via a self explanatory setup app.
Blocking desks is done via the same app. Scan the desk and block it within one click. It will update the office capacity and workspace lay-out in realtime.

Book your workspace

Book an office desk at home

With just a few clicks, staff can book an allowed (=green) desk, based on a floor-plan or other search options.

For your current work day you have your own desk that is at a safe distance from other desks that are available to be reserved.

Access allowed

Access to the office and your booked workspace

Access is only allowed when you can show proof of a booked desk.

We are working on extra access control features to simplify access control for security.

iotspot offers:

  • Social distancing service is a temporary service
    • Pricing for 6 months service is €7000,- for up to 500 desks per office building
    • Beyond 500 desks, pricing is €14,- extra per desk
  • Desk identifier (NFC) and Android setup app are included
  • Estimated activation up to 500 desks in 2 days (after your installation)
  • Booking app for all users can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play store
  • Occupancy reporting

What we expect from you:

  • Upfront commitment
  • Office layout information and .dwg files of the floor plans
  • Installation of desk identifiers (i.e. stickers)
  • Digitising the desks with the Android setup App
  • Positioning of the desks on the indoor floor plan
  • Arranging a PC for access control
  • Communication to staff

Interested? Please contact your dealer manager or account manager.
Or call our sales department at T +31 528-297111