Vepa is the place to be when it comes to market orientation. Our experts are happy to tell you all about materials, production techniques, design, products and logistics in our knowledge centre. The production location and the logistical centre are housed in the same building, so you can experience everything first hand.

We also like to brain-storm with you on purchase possibilities, methods and sustainable purchase ambitions.

We’d like to continue to inspire you!


A good design starts with a sound concept. Our experts can support you. We believe that it is important to know you, so that together we can create a unique and appropriate concept.

Our interior architects and housing consultants support the development of custom workplace concepts. Tools, such as activity analysis and occupancy measurements, are frequently used.


The best design is the one we make together. The experts at Vepa can participate in your project group. Our project managers can also take the lead from inventory to final design.

The various design stages are:

Sketch design (SO)
Preliminary design (VO)
Final design (DO)
The design is complemented with wall and ceiling finishes as well as upholstery. Based on the inventory, we create designs that feature 2D and 3D views with a number of scenarios. Details and elaborations, such as cable management, are a prominent part of the design.

Complete interiors are no longer developed in stages, after one another, but simultaneously. The goal is to combine strengths, shorten processing times and minimise the total costs. BIM-methodology (build-information-model) and chain integration in furnishing and furniture. Working Together with Vepa!

Integration and Implementation – furniture is increasingly equipped with electrical and data sockets from a ceiling or floor connection as well as thermostat facilities. Proper placement is essential. Vepa anticipates this by assembling our furniture gradually, to ensure accessible assembly places to other construction flows. Chances of damage are reduced and working efficiently remains possible.


We make a product offer within the framework of the specifications and the inventory. We substantiate this offer with images, project photos and specifications, such as sustainability data containing the specific environmental impact of the product. We provide samples of the proposed materials and colours.

For the furnishing and interior design we have a large collection of Vepa furniture available, manufactured in Hoogeveen. Custom colours, materials, dimensions and even design are possible.

We provide samples of finishing materials. For the viewing of sample models we prefer to meet in the Vepa showroom. When desired, we can also meet in the showroom of one of our dealers or even on site.

Together with our dealers and in addition to our Vepa collection, we also offer furniture from other manufacturers to complement the assortment. No problem! Needless to say, this furniture is also integrated in the project and service structure.

As soon as the final order and logistical coordination is completed, the supply of resources, production and delivery will commence. During this period, any third-party furniture will be purchased and the production of custom work will be initiated. We guarantee that delivery, move-in, assembly and completion will be according to schedule. To safeguard the progress, our project manager will closely monitor the processes.

Furnishing & Realisation

Furnishing & Realisation

We make a clear schedule for every project. We collaborate with your suppliers and other parties in the project, such as the interior builder, contractor, suppliers of flooring, window dressings, ceilings and walls, fitters (cabling) and of course your own general and technical services. This way, everybody knows what to expect.

Depending on the size and nature of the project we draft a project plan with clear agreements. The project plan explicitly focuses on communication, risk analysis and safety during the project.

Our logistic process ensures that all items from production are checked and ready for delivery. To prevent any unexpected situations during the move-in, we will perform a logistic quick scan in advance.

Walls and elevators are covered with a protective layer when needed. The assembly crew will be ready to go when the truck arrives at the prearranged time. They will immediately unload the truck and bring the pre-assembled furniture to the designated spaces according to the floor plan. Assembly and quality control has been done as much as possible in our factory. This is no longer necessary on site. Saving you throughput time.

After the initial deliveries by Vepa, the project is completed, in phases if needed.

Instruction & Education

We provide a number of instructions and educations. For your employees on responsible use of the work environment. For your facility department on proper management of the furniture and small adjustments or repairs. For your cleaning organisation on daily and occasional cleaning.

Subsequent delivery

Vepa guarantees subsequent deliveries for at least 10 years.



All data is immediately accessible from our project administration. In the event of subsequent deliveries all the proper furniture will be applied with the correct conditions. Your questions regarding service, repair, or subsequent deliveries can be addressed to your usual contact person. This ensures continuity and quality of the process. You will be informed of every important step in the process.

Management & Maintenance

Interior and furniture provide a splendid atmosphere, but are not an end in itself. That goal is the optimal support of work, study and living functions. Immediately after completion as well as during the period of use. This leads to the best performance with the most favourable investment in time, money and means.

To achieve our vision on service, we offer a service programme for preventive and corrective maintenance:

Preventive maintenance secures an optimal level of quality and prevents malfunctions, before they cause hindrance or damage.
Corrective maintenance ensures an appropriate response and solution when a malfunction or defect occurs.
We offer the possibility to take out a service agreement with periodic inspection. The service agreement can be supplemented with a maintenance schedule. Working together to keep the furniture in top condition, both technically and functionally.