Patchwork is a new furnishing concept by Vepa. Private and open at the same time.

In today’s hybrid office world, Patchwork offers the opportunity to retreat for a video call, to have a quiet chat or to focus on the task at hand. A pantry for a cup of coffee or tea is also a must. You decide to what extent you want to be enclosed by adding screens or roof panels.

Perfect for larger spaces such as a reception area or auditorium. The possibilities are endless, so to make things a little easier for you, we have put together five different configurations that you can place individually or in a combination in any type of setting.

Every configuration begins with 90 cm high wooden walls that are easy to click together. These walls form the basis of every Patchwork configuration. You can then place acoustic panels with a height of 40 or 60 cm on these walls. You can put a roof on the whole thing to make it more private and homely.


In the video we explain the possibilities of the different configurations.

Train seat

The train seat configuration is ideal for short discussions or for waiting a while. It is also suitable for checking your e-mail or drinking a cup of coffee. You can place the train seat as a stand-alone configuration in the room or against the wall, but it can also easily be connected to other units.

Concentration workplace

The concentration workplace is also one of the standard Patchwork configurations. You can create your own little living room with the focus workplace. For those who need to concentrate or want to make a few phone calls.

Meeting place

The meeting place is a somewhat larger configuration. As many as four people can sit down here for a meeting or consultation. The benches are comfortable and the tapered table makes it easy to sit down. Needless to say, the acoustic walls are perfect for this type of meeting place. They provide a certain amount of privacy and reduce any external noise.

Duo workplace

The duo workplace is a familiar addition from the Patch range. Perfect as a desk for a call centre or, for example, as a team workplace. This configuration is equipped with all modern conveniences and, of course, height-adjustable so that you can also work in a standing position. And with a roof it is much more cosy and comfortable.


The pantry is a unit with a slightly deeper cabinet. This makes the pantry ideal for the placement of a coffee machine or copier. The cabling is neatly tucked away at the back.

Steel house can be added as an option and is supplied with acoustic upholstered roof panels, double-sided accessible cable duct including LED lighting and cabling


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Product information

Patchwork is available in five different configurations, each with different possibilities.

Specifications – construction

  • walls are 90 cm in height and made from 36 mm MFC
  • steel house can be added as an option and is supplied with acoustic upholstered roof panels, double-sided accessible cable duct including LED lighting and cabling
  • steel house can also be retrofitted
  • acoustic upholstered screens 40 or 60 cm high. 60 cm high panels only in combination with metal house
  • top/cupboard depth: 65 cm
  • seating height benches: 45 cm
  • height worktop: 75 cm
  • adjustment caps

Specifications – screens and roof panels

  • upholstered screens are fitted with acoustic polyether padding as standard
  • upholstered screens fit seamlessly onto the wooden walls
  • screens optionally 40 or 60 cm high (60 cm high screens only available in combination with metal house)
  • upholstered roof panels fitted with acoustic Re-felt padding

Materials – worktops

  • 25 mm PEFC™ MFC or HPL with LaserTec edge finish
  • colours in accordance with colour charts “Décors Core collection” and “Décors Trend collection”, except for Arpa fenix black

Materials – frame

  • made from high-grade calibrated steel finished with an impact-resistant epoxy coating
  • steel house epoxied: colours in accordance with colour charts “Epoxy and lacquer Core Collection” and “Epoxy and lacquer Trend Collection”
  • column leg with epoxy finish: in accordance with colour chart “Epoxy and lacquer Core Collection” and “Epoxy and lacquer Trend Collection”

Materials – screens and roof panels

  • steel frame fully upholstered in a fabric and colour of your choice
  • see fabric chart for our standard collection of fabrics
  • fitted with acoustic Re-felt padding as standard

Materials – walls

  • made from 36 mm PEFC™ MFC
  • colours in accordance with colour charts “Décors Core collection” and “Décors Trend collection”

Materials – bench

  • baseboard height 16 cm, standard anthracite 490
  • seat 80 mm foam
  • fabric selection multiple fabric groups; according to colour chart

Materials – cabinet

  • cabinet: 18 mm PEFC™ MFC or HPL with LaserTec edge finish
  • worktop: 25 mm PEFC™ MFC or HPL with LaserTec edge finish
  • hinged doors with horizontal metal handle
  • with pre-drilled holes
  • equipped with adjustable feet on the inside for levelling
  • recessed skirting board, 4 cm in colour of body

For the complete specifications of Patchwork: see product sheet under “Documents”


  • Pantry cabinet: optionally available with cylinder lock
  • Pantry cabinet: shelf is optional


  • concentration & duo workplace: recessed sockets in the worktop are optional
  • duo workplace: adjustable CPU holder

Décors COREcollection

Décors TRENDcollection

Epoxy and lacquer

Epoxy and lacquer COREcollection – v.a. 01-02-2024

Epoxy and lacquer TRENDcollection – v.a. 01-02-2024






Stamskin TOP



Main Line Flax



Remix Screen




Steelcut trio

Cara – EN



Blazer lite


ISO 9001 – EN

ISO 14001 – EN

Available as FSC®


Re-Felt acoustic report

LaserTec edgebanding

NEN standards

Patchwork – train seat

Patchwork – pantry

Patchwork – meeting place

Patchwork – duo workplace

Patchwork – concentration workplace

Electrification and accessories – product sheet

Montageinstructie Patchwork overlegplek EN

Montageinstructie Patchwork concentratiewerkplek EN


Assembly instruction Patchwork pantry

Assembly instruction Patchwork train bench

Cleaning and Maintenance – Office furniture

Patchwork is locally designed, developed and produced.

Local production: Vepa distinguishes itself by producing everything in its own, local facilities. Our own wood, sheet steel, tubular steel, powder coating, wood spray, upholstery and final assembly departments form a complete production circle within a single company. By producing close to the sales market we keep distances small and CO2 emissions minimal.

LCA: By using independent LCAs (life cycle analysis) we reveal the environmental impact of a product. In product development we can greatly improve later designs by carrying out an LCA in the initial phase. In addition, an LCA also provides insight into the main factors responsible for the environmental damage. We then use these factors as starting points for redesign or as focal points for improvement. The LCAs are carried out in accordance with ISO 14044.

FSC® and PEFC™: Vepa only uses certified wood. The FSC® and PEFC™ labels stand for responsible and sustainable forest management. Responsible forest management meets three criteria: it takes account of the environment, respects social aspects (such as the rights of local communities and forest workers) and is economically viable. Moreover, wood is the number one bio-based resource by nature.

TPAC (Timber Procurement Assessment Committee): Timber to be supplied or timber processed in products to be supplied must comply with the Dutch Procurement Criteria for Timber according to the Socially Responsible Procurement criteria. FSC® and PEFC™ are both systems that have been approved by the Dutch state secretary.

SRP criteria: Vepa complies with the SRP criteria drawn up by the central government. The national criteria for socially responsible procurement (SRP) for office furniture are available via the SRP criteria tool (



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