Bemog - Vepa


Zwolle (NL)

Bemog Projektontwikkeling develops, finances and manages attractive real estate projects in the owner-occupied and rental sector. Its headquarters are in the monumental Flevo building in Zwolle, where a self-developed zero-energy office is hidden behind the historic façade.

Choice for sustainability
Bemog Projektontwikkeling wanted to update the offices with electrically adjustable desks. Besides that, a comfortable and friendly meeting area had to be created.
Sustainability was especially important in the new design. After a visit to the showroom in Hoogeveen, it became clear that the Plastic Whale by Vepa collection had to have a place in the boardroom no matter what.

Inspiring meeting place
The existing cafeteria has been transformed into an inspiring meeting place. By incorporating various seating areas, both high and low, cabinets with planters and a reading table, everyone can find their own spot, either with colleagues or alone.



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