Cure Waste Management

Eindhoven (NL)

2e Second life for waste
Since November of 2020, Cure Afvalbeheer has been working from its new offices at the GDC Noord business park in Eindhoven. In this building, waste is given a new life. The entire building has been developed around the concept of circularity. Not building with the usual new building materials, but looking for innovative and reusable solutions. Clear choices have been made with regard to circularity, sustainability, openness and innovation. Interior designer Susanne Bakkenist has pulled out all the stops to ensure that every item used fits within this sustainable vision.

Reuse & Circularity
In addition to increasing sustainability, materials from Cure’s recycling centres are also reused in the building. These include for example paving stones, glass and textile insulation material. The planters in the building are made of scrap wood, which again comes from Cure’s own waste yard. The ceiling and part of the wall are fitted with acoustic panels made of clothing, especially jeans. Something worth looking at.
Furthermore, all components can be dismantled and reused at the end of the building’s life span.

Sustainable products and refurbish
The Vepa products fit seamlessly into this sustainable building and the circular idea. For example, the T60 tables and Skeef side tables are partly fitted with Planq tops. Planq only uses circular materials for the tops, in this case discarded jeans.

Other items used are the Timber table, 400 chair and Felt chairs, Moi lounge sofas, Presto R duo workplaces,
Connect as a conference table and as a standing table, Qube cabinets, footstools and Zooi coat racks.
In addition, old chairs that were still in good condition were refurbished by Vepa and a fresh coat of lacquer was applied.



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