Municipality of Venray


The City Hall of Venray is located in the former Jerusalem monastery. The monastery building has been part of Venray for centuries. The renovation of the City Hall started in December 2010.

The coloured light streaming through the high stained-glass windows reminds us of the former function of this space: a convent chapel. It is now used as a council chamber, a company restaurant, and a meeting place for civil servants, politicians and citizens of the municipality of Venray.

Flexible is the key word for the design concept of the new office. The old monastery has been renovated so that it’s suitable for a different way of working. No fixed cubicles, but flexible workstations; an efficient use of space. Vepa supplied, among other things, Presto RW+ sit/stand workstations and acoustic sliding door cabinets, Qstore 2-door cabinets, library furniture and Alpine chairs.