Municipality of Zuidplas

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (NL)

Zuidplas work concept
The municipality wants to use the relocation as an opportunity to implement the new Zuidplas work concept with roots in the New Way of Working. The basis for the Zuidplas work concept is optimal support for the work processes. The work concept strengthens mutual communication and the learning ability of the organisation. The Zuidplas work concept makes the municipality a modern and professional employer.

The town hall of the future
People can see each other in a safe environment and the communication processes are visible and tangible. The design reflects a professional authority, while the interior anticipates future development and is adaptable to innovations. High-quality facilities form the basis, with premium materials determining the look. Visual tranquillity, harmony and greenery are integral to the interior.

Presto and Wall fit seamlessly into the concept of the Zuidplas municipality; exclusive, innovative and of high quality. The lounge sofa and the adjustable lounge table are an extension of the previously mentioned concepts and can be used to strengthen the mutual communication.



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