C-Bèta - Vepa


A refreshing example of circular thinking.


At C-Bèta we provide an inspirational place for everyone who wants to do something with the circular economy.
We have very deliberately chosen this place between the circular pioneers at C-Bèta in Hoofddorp, near Schiphol Trade Park.
For everyone who wants to do something with the circular economy, be it entrepreneurs, governments, investors, researchers or consultants, this is a place of inspiration.


“C-Bèta is a circular lab where we share knowledge
and discover new sustainable opportunities”

Dozens of sustainable partners have a permanent place in the exhibition space at C-Bèta and are part of the many workshops, knowledge sessions and lectures. We are one of the frontrunners when it comes to experimenting with raw materials for our own furniture and new circular business models.
In the unique old farmhouse ‘De IJsvogel’ (The Kingfisher), just a stone’s throw away from Schiphol Trade Park, our furniture is part of the completely circular building.


We make the difference. At C-Beta we actually do make the difference. Making an impact by making the world a little better.
Making it better with what we do.
Doing it better and being open and transparent about it. Learning by making mistakes and being genuinely receptive to changes that are science-based and better./span>

Together with our C-Bèta partners, we succeed in finding innovative and creative solutions.
We participate in events, share our knowledge with each other and support starting entrepreneurs.

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