Circular economy

In our own showroom old doors have been reused in the design of the new bar.

Sustainable Solutions by Vepa

Every day there are companies that decide to renew their interior or replace their furniture. Furniture is old, worn, no longer suffices or the colour no longer matches the rest of the interior.

In the past, these products were thrown away. But we don’t do that anymore! We are considering which products and parts we can reuse for a new circular design.

We will tell you more about circular furnishing with Vepa in the video.

Inventory tool

Before we start furnishing, we make an inventory of the existing situation. This helps us to get a clear overview of the amount and condition of the existing furniture.

 We use a specially developed app. Based on the inventory we will determine which pieces of furniture can be reused, repaired or redeployed and which parts we can use to create new furniture.

Also see our page on furniture management.

Circular plan

The inventory is the basis of the circular design plan. This plan outlines which furniture we will reuse and in what way. Our goal is to reuse the existing furniture as much as possible.

Together with the client we will turn the circular design plan into specific actions and we will get to work with those.

Circular furnishing

In recent years we have helped a lot of organisations with their circular design. These solutions are very diverse. After all, every project requires customisation. Where in one project it’s ‘only’ a few chairs that are fitted with a new coat of paint and upholstery, in other projects we create a completely new interior of an office building where we use as many existing products as possible as a basis for the new furniture.

Below we explain two projects.

Existing frames fitted with new Felt seats

Recently we have revitalised 237 Arper Catifa chairs on site. The upholstery of the chairs was worn, but the frames didn’t require replacement yet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to re-upholster the chairs. The upholstery, foam and seat were glued together.

Next, we investigated the option to place new seats on the existing frames. With a specially designed adapter our Felt seat fits perfectly on the existing Arper Catifa frames.

From sit-sit desks to sit-stand desks

For another circular design project sit-sit desks have been revitalised to sit/stand desks. An adjustment to the frame made the desks more stable, and employees can now also stand while working. The added partition walls – made from our own textile waste – provide additional privacy and better acoustics in the office.

It goes without saying that all materials have been reused as much as possible. Desk tops, legs and sockets have been reused without making any adjustments.


Related projects

The above projects are not the only ones.
For the following organisations we have realised a circular design: