Fair Furnished

For products that are given a second (or even third) life.

Fair Furnished is our label for products that are given a second – or third – life through our Circular Centre. This is something we do brand-independently.

With the Fair Furnished label, we guarantee a quality at least equal to the original quality and with the same guarantee. Often, we even improve the product because any materials we replace are more sustainable and therefore even more suitable for a third and fourth life.

We consider the way in which we manufacture as important as the end result itself. Fair Furnished translates to something like ‘honestly furnished’. A very deliberate and conscious choice because it goes beyond the mere refurbishment of a product. It reflects the most sustainable production, the choice of sustainable raw materials and our local and inclusive way of working.

Our commitments

  • Professionally refurbished in the most sustainable furniture factory (NL and UK)
  • Additional employment for the most vulnerable employees (SROI)
  • Demonstrably the lowest environmental impact during production, of the product and in a project (LCA/ECI)
  • We use the most sustainable materials and components (also see our series: Sustainable Solutions by Vepa)
  • Just as good, or even better than new and therefore with full manufacturer’s warranty on refurbished products

High quality

The quality of our refurbished furniture is at least equal to new. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our people, our state-of-the-art machinery and the 70,000 m2 of production space where we make our new sustainable and circular furniture. The production of circular new furniture and the refurbishment of existing furniture are intertwined at our production sites. After all, the upholstery or production of a desktop is not any different.


In addition to our own brands, we regularly refurbish furniture from other manufacturers. We make no distinction in this respect. This allows us to offer circular solutions to all our customers, regardless of their current or previous supplier. By now, we have given thousands of products from more than 40 suppliers and a multitude of models a second life.

Fair Furnished Collection

In addition to our Fair Furnished label, we have introduced our group-wide Fair Furnished Collection. The Fair Furnished Collection is a collection of refurbished furniture. This collection is available to relations with a sustainable and circular furnishing request. Currently, the collection consists of desks, student sets, office chairs and regular chairs.

Vico Magistretti by Fritz Hansen

The shell of Fritz Hansen’s Vico Magistretti is easy to disassemble and thus repaint. However, the armrests and frame end caps cannot be taken off without damage. Moreover, these components are not easy to buy new. That is why we merely cleaned the frame of the chair shown on the left in the picture. The upholstery was custom-made for this chair.

Akaba Gorka

The back and seat of the Akaba Gorka are easy to disassemble. The shell was given a new colour in our wood-spray shop and the frame was epoxied again in our metal-spray shop. As a result, the chair once again suits a new and contemporary interior.

These are just two examples of the numerous designs we have already refurbished. By now we have a lot of experience and know what is and is not possible for most models. However, sometimes we also have to deal with unfamiliar models. Before we get started, we always check whether or not a refurbishment is feasible.