Reuse and redistribute

Reuse furniture in the original form


One of the most important pillars within the circular economy is a high-quality level of reuse of products and raw materials.

First you try to reuse the products one-to-one. This can be achieved by reusing them within the organisation, or by using them elsewhere. In both cases maintenance is often necessary. If it is not possible to reuse the products one-to-one, we will see if the parts can be reused or recycled.

Below we will tell you more about the one-to-one reuse of furniture.

Reuse products

The term ‘reuse’ in the circular economy means that we reuse products one-to-one. Also in ‘redistribute’ the products are reused one-to-one.

The difference between the two terms is that redistribute refers specifically to the redistribution of furniture. This can be within an organisation, but also external. As with reuse, the furniture is not adapted, but reused immediately.

If, for a project, we reuse the current furniture one-to-one, we will of course make sure that all pieces are cleaned.

They are also checked one by one and any defects are fixed immediately.

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