Vepa in CircuZ-project bio-resins

Goal: to secure the availability of plant-based feedstock

— press release —

On Wednesday 25 January it was time for the kick-off of the CircuZ project at Plantics in Arnhem. During the meeting the various partners in the project got together for the first time, which led to an interesting, productive and successful day.

The CircuZ project is supported by the Top Sector Energy Grant (Energiesubsidie) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The goal: to secure the availability of plant-based feedstock for large-scale production of price-competitive thermoset bio-resins with a negative carbon footprint.

Bio-resin applications
The bio-resins are applied for the development of various circular products in collaboration with the various project partners. These include plant pots and food packaging (a coating of bio-resin on pressed recycled paper), composite products such as panels for tables and cladding on houses, chairs made of hemp fibre (with bio-resin as glue) and bio-foams to replace PUR foams. Product recycling is also an important issue.

High expectations
CircuZ started the 1st of January 2023, and will run for three years. Over 3.5 million euros will be invested in total. Expectations for the project are high. It promises to provide great insight into both securing sufficient bio-based feedstock for the bio-resins, and the application in the partners’ various products. Also large scale recycling of the bio-resins and the products are expected to become clear.


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Kick-off CircuZ-project at Plantics