Vepa on highest level

of the CO2 performance ladder

We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have been at level 5 of the CO2-Performance Ladder as of October 2023: the highest level!

One of the ways to visualise our sustainable ambitions is to have the CO2 2 -Performance Ladder drawn up for our company. So that is what we are doing.

The CO2 Performance Ladder ladder is an initiative of the Dutch Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business and it helps organisations and governments to identify and reduce their carbon emissions. So now we have reached the highest position: level 5! The CO2 Performance Ladder is the number one sustainability tool in the Netherlands that helps companies and governments reduce CO2 and costs. Within operational management, in projects and within the chain.

The CO2 Performance Ladder consists of 5 levels. Up to level 3, the focus is on the emissions of the in-house organisation and projects. From levels 4 and 5 onwards, it also focuses on CO2 emissions within the chain and the industry. Vepa has been level 3 certified for several years. Nevertheless, we have continued to develop and evolve and now Vepa is certified at the highest level: level 5!

Level 5 certification means that we look beyond our own operation. Together with our supply chain partners, we have great impact within the chain. We have made an analysis on the most important emissions. For this purpose, we not only consider the volume, but also the impact we have on them. For Vepa, this means, for example, focusing on the procurement of raw materials and materials used for new products and refurbishment.

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