A new chapter

Nomique is now called Vepa

On 1/1/2023 Nomique Seating Limited has changed its name to Vepa UK Limited. You have been redirected to vepa.co.uk where you will find all relevant information about our range of furniture solutions.


Welcome to Vepa the furniture factory

Working with satisfaction! That is what we commit to; for our customers, our employees and, of course, our suppliers.

That is why: Ergonomics, Design, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Interior Architecture and Good Governance are the pillars we build on. That is how we contribute to the health and well-being of people in their work.

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We view the modern workplace as an engine for health, sustainability and innovation. For this, we combine decades of experience in production with proven innovation and results in innovative workplace solutions and furnishings.

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Co-creation is probably the most intensive method of cooperation. Our client, her consultants and we bring all of our knowledge to the table with one central goal: to create a custom interior design that allows people to work with satisfaction. Standard solutions and furniture are not always sufficient, sometimes more is needed.

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you’ve got an idea…

we’ve got
the opportunity
the brains
the hands
the skills
the know-how

We basically provide our factory, with all her knowledge and resources, to our clients and their consultants to make precisely those products that contribute optimally to the well-being in the work environment. And we take this to extremes, from the development of a double prison cell to a collection of furniture made from plastic collected from the Amsterdam canals that makes her way to the board rooms of some of the largest companies in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

We create possibilities.

Circular design
and revitalisation

The realisation of a circular layout is a team effort. Together with all parties involved, we map out all requirements and wishes. Vepa focuses on the technical development and production and together with the architects and designers we create a beautiful environment to work in. This is what we call circular furnishing. Our factory is your toolbox. For example, we can make an adjustment to a standard or perhaps an entirely new product for you.

In-house and local

Production in own factories is special. We produce everything in our own factories in Breda, Emmen, Hoogeveen, Wijchen and Telford

All our products are made by the best people and the most modern machinery, we combine high-tech production with true craftsmanship. And we are proud of it!


Sustainable Solutions by Vepa

Vepa is firmly en route to a waste-free factory. In the series “Sustainable Solutions by Vepa” we demonstrate how we innovate, think and above all act sustainably. We replace harmful resources with sustainable alternatives, manufacture under excellent working conditions, use local suppliers and think of solutions for our own waste. That is how we ensure that the trash bin stays empty.

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Recycling of textile

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Recycling of steel

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Recycling of wood

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Recycling of PET bottles

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